Atmospheric Environment Monitoring and Pollution Controlling

HFIPS has established a new interdisciplinary of environmental science and technology by integrating and merging subjects of nano and biology science and technology into the original preponderant discipline of atmospheric environmental optics.

After more than four decades of development, HFIPS has built the Integrated Ground-to-Space System for monitoring and early-warning to respond to nation’s challenge in environment issues through its scientific excellence in diversified branches in the field of environmental science and technology, including fundamental research, equipment development, and industrialization.

Nano-material Research

For environment protect, HFIPS takes its role by using nano-material research to detect and remove pollutants as well; fabricating catalyst to treat hard-to-degrade and high concentration industrial waste water; building monitoring and early-warning network based on nano-sensor and satellite positioning technology.

Environment Research at HFIPS
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