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The Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) has developed a new model having an early look at people’s health.

This model is actually a one-stop service of physical examination, risk evaluation of chronic diseases and guidelines for targeted exercise, which could be all done on a series of smart health equipment placed in a center which is called by the team the “Smart Health Station” and is just within community reach.

Aiming at the health problems rising in fast-growing modern society, the R&D team with the Institute of Intelligent Machines, HFIPS leveraged their deep expertise in both health theory and smart health science and technology to extend their role from as many-year provider of health service for athletes to “health guard” for ordinary people building comprehensive and systematic health service with a full chain from physical examination, risk evaluation to daily medical consultant.

It took efforts of the whole team to complete the station construction under the grant support of Science and Technology Service Network Initiative by CAS and now the team was happy to see the project demonstrated at the local community health center.

HEALTH ALERT, an early warning of risk factors

When we develop some symptoms that we are aware of, we go to doctors for medical consultation and to hospitals for further physical examination if needed and sometimes, unfortunately, we may be diagnosed with some chronic disease then we have to receive treatment during which we may suffer a lot.

What if several years ago when you were fit but someone told you the risk factors behind of some diseases or identified some unhealthy factors in your daily routine? What do you think of it? And what will you do?

The team tried to bring this idea into reality.

They made “health alert” by sending an early warning of some common chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and stroke etc,. to people who have received series of physical examinations and then some risk factors beneath could be identified.

Besides the risk factors of having chronic diseases, the equipment can also tell the examination receiver’s unhealthy points that should be paid attention to in almost all aspect of daily routine, like the life style, emotion, pressure and sleep etc,.

The early warning can be realized, according to the team, based on a risk early warning model that was made on artificial intelligence and big data processing to ensure its high precision.

HEALTH CONSULTANT, a tailored guidance for different receiver

An only-for-you guidance, what does it mean?

It means that after series of examination, you can receive a “You want to know about your health" report that is a tailored guidance generated automatically about which hospital department or which specialist you should ask for further consultant, which aspect of your life style should be modified, how do you take daily exercise in a correct way, how is your emotion status and do you have a healthy sleep and how is your sleep etc,.

Reality is always more complicated than you can imagine, so does physical status of different people. It is not that easy to get the machine to generate an accurate health report for people with different health status.

To tackle this problem, the team used their years of expertise in information technology to make personalized guidance based on the MultiModal data like physical data, risk factors etc., that have been collected in the smart equipment and processed by the system.

DIY, a quick and easy test done on your own

The best medical consultant is the consultant at your hand and getting the answer yourself. To provide users a better experience, the team put all the effort during the developing procedures to enable a quick and easy access to examination equipment.

Under the collaborative support from local government and organizations, the team has placed their smart equipment in the community health center so that the residents do not have to go to the crowed big general hospitals for taking examinations.

Resident ID card is the only thing needed for the examination which could been done all by yourself with a whole finishing time around 40 minutes.

DAILY SERVICE, a continuing service even after the end of examination

When you finish all the examination and you get your health report, you leave the Smart Health Station, you may think of it the end of your experience in that station.

Actually, it is not.

Since the very beginning, the team planned to build a new and continuing model for improving people’s life style and helping them keep in fit by stretching the health service even after leaving the station and providing a comprehensive consultant for people’s health regarding almost every aspect of life.

The Smart Health Station is featured with a notification pushing APP to ensure that the health service continues within a hand reach. Based on the health report, the APP will personalize the daily health program and push all the information you need for your health, like personalized health tips, guidance for daily exercise and medication etc,.

The Sanxiaokou Smart Health Station, officially operational in July, is the first one of those upcoming pilot spots, which is believed by the team a big step forward. And now the team is pushing the project steadily to let their technology go far and reach more.

"Smart Health Station" is just within community reach. (Image by HFIPS Team)

The model is actually an one-stop service of physical examination, risk evaluation of chronic diseases and guidelines for targeted exercise. (Image by HFIPS Team)


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