Diversity Makes the World Beautiful-Potluck Party Held to Greet Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 18, 2021 | By ZHAO Weiwei

A special potluck party was held on Sept 17 on science island to greet the upcoming traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.

Organized by the International Collaboration Division of HFIPS, it invited students and post doctors bringing food of their own country to share on the party.

"This is a unique experience.” said Rida, a postdoctor researcher from Solid State Institute of Physics, who brought Suji ka halwa to the party, which she described as a popular dessert in Pakistan, "It’s a wonderful opportunity to communicate and express ourselves.” The other three dishes she brought include Haleem, Qeema bhari Shimla and Aalu ki tarkari, which were also welcomed by joiners.

International HFIPSers from several countries including Sudan, Pakistan, India, Ghana etc., took part in the event bringing their own specialties. (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)

The party started with a traditional shadow show explaining the mid-autumn origin, played by IDC members. (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)


Waleed from Sudan was introducing the food he brought. Everybody on the party got chance to introduce the food, like the best "salesperson", and culture of their countries. (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)

Pius, a 31-year-old post doctor researcher from Ghana, was helping sharing a special juice made by himself. He also brought "Jollof rice", a stew containing rice, fish and meat, which is a traditional Africa food.(Image by SHEN Xinyuan)

Riddle game also took place in the end of the party. People guessed Chinese character according to ancient pictograph of China. (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)


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