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Professor Aoki from Shizuoka University Visit AIOFM
Date: 2019/12/17 Author: YE Yuqi

At the invitation of professor MENG Gang, Professor Aoki Toru from Shizuoka University visited Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM) on November 27.
Professor Aoki Toru gave a lecture entitled "CdTe Gamma-ray spectrometry" and reported the laser-induced doping method (designing the p-n junction) and thin-detector-stacks concept to overcome the bottleneck of the low sensitivity and resolution of the existing CdTe single crystal based radiation detectors.
Then he introduced the latest research progress of high-definition X/γ-ray imaging and environmental radioactive pollution monitoring in his group and ANSeeN company.
Professor Aoki demonstrated a portable environmental gamma-ray detector developed by his team, and shared his experience in Chernobyl environmental nuclear pollution monitoring. All participants had a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the radiation detectors.
After the lecture, participants had an in-depth exchange with professor Aoki on the current application status and future trend of the radiation detectors.

Dr. Toru Aoki, Professor, Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University, IEEE Member, Chief Technology Officer of ANSeeN, mainly engaged himself in CdTe-based X / γ-ray dose, imaging and energy spectroscopy system research, and medical imaging, environmental radioactivity applications in monitoring and other fields.

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