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Visitors from Grenoble France Visit Science Island
Date: 2019/12/19 Author: XI Yingkun, HUANG Xiaomin

Organized and accompanied by Hefei Local Government, a delegation from Grenoble, France visited Science Island on 12th December. The guests are from Grenoble government, the Commission of Atomic Energy and alternative energy (CEA) and some high-tech companies in Grenoble.

Prof. XU Guosheng introduced the research progress on EAST. The visitors were especially interested in China’s contribution to ITER as well as the collaborative projects under Sino-French Fusion Energy Center (SIFFER).

After their lab tour to EAST, they had a guided tour of the High Magnetic Field Facility at High Magnetic Field Laboratory (CHMFL). Scientist ZHOU Chun introduced the 10 self-designed self-built magnets, including the world’s second hybrid magnet at 40-telsa level and three water-cooled magnets that set the world records. The advanced measurement systems also attracted much attention, especially world’s first three-in-one microscope SMA (scanning tunneling microscope - magnetic force microscope - atomic force microscopy).

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