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Introduction for the Institute of Plasma Physics

    Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(abbreviated as IPP) was founded in September 1978 for the purpose of the peaceful utilization of the fusion energy primary based on the tokamak approach. 

   The main area of research covers high temperature plasma physics, magnetically various important research projects from National special plans, National Foundation of National Science and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. IPP is one of the most

important laboratories on magnetically confined fusion in China, and the Nuclear Fusion Research Centre of the World Laboratory. Among more than 400 staff, 223 are scientists or engineers.

    They're distributed in the 12 divisions, 2 technical centers and 4 high-tech companies. Besides the physics studies on theoretical and experimental plasma physics, reactor research, in IPP there are also technical studies on high-power power supply, high field magnet, high power microwave, vacuum, cryogenics and data acquisition. In addition, the ion beam bio-engineering and the electrophysical apparatus designing are two important divisions in ASIPP. In the institute, there are two experimental devices for the controlled fusion research. HT-7, the first superconducting tokamak in China, and EAST, the world’s first non-circle cross-section full superconducting tokamak. The auxiliary systems include one 2 MW radio frequency (rf) wave heating system, one 2 MW Lower Hybrid Wave current drive system, one 200 MW AC/DC pulsed motor generator and one liquid helium cryogenic system ( the largest in China). Besides that, IPP possesses one 20-Telsa steady-state hybrid magnet, manufacturing and testing facilities for big superconducting magnets and the first single particle microbeam facility in China.

   "Plasma Science and Technology" which is published by IPP is the only domestic professional academic journals in English, and has been embodied by SCI ,SA and such important international databases.
     Among the many honors IPP has won, there are once special Progress prize of the national Science and Technology, 6 times 1st class progress prize of Science and Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), twice 2nd class prize of Natural Science of CAS and one 1st class Progress prize of Science and Technology of Anhui Province. IPP is also honored as "an Excellent Research Centre" by the 3rd world Academy of Science, "Institute of the Year " by CAS and "Excellent Workgroup" in Anhui Province. IPP has been promoting active international cooperation. Every year, there are steady personnel and equipment exchanges with the European Union, the USA, Japan, the Russian Federation, India and Australia under a variety of joint projects. IPP attracts many visitors, including a number of high-profile ones such as industrialists, eminent members of learned societies and politicians.
     IPP offers doctoral degrees in 3 disciplines, master degrees in 7 disciplines and one postdoctoral working station. Most of the 797 graduates from IPP found their positions in the scientific institutes, universities of various hi-new tech. enterprises and companies at home or abroad. Presently there are more than 300 students in the institute. Since September 2002, IPP began to enroll foreign students.


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