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Introduction for the Institute of Solid State Physics
The Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was founded by Prof. T. S. Kê, a worldwide well-known solid-state physicist and metalurgist, in March 1982. since then, great efferts have been made developing the institue a center for fundamental research on condensed matter physics and materials science.

The aim of the research work in the institute is to takes national needs as our first preority object to develop advanced functional materials with novel properties for prospect high-tech applications. The current research activities of the institute cover a wide spectra of condensed matter physics and materials science, , such as nano-materials for pollution monitoring and environmental recovering,. high TC superconductors and oxide magnetic materials, oxides for fuel cells and sodium sulfide batteries, ultra-light porous metals, novel semiconductors devices, and softer matters. As a tradition and novelty of institute of Solid State Physics, various internal friction technologies have been developed to study behaviors of defects in different materials and behaviors of soft matters. In order to understand the physics behind observed properties, a strong team of computational physics has been established for more than two decades to develop unique computational techniques for strong correlated systems as well as nano-systems.

In addition to the regular research groups in the mentioned areas, the Key Laboratory of Materials Physics of CAS, Anhui Key Laboratory of Nanomaterials and Technology, Anhui Centre of Nano-technology and nano-engineering are the integrated part of ISSP.

Several world-class experimental facilities are available in the Institute, which include the central facilities for material structure and physical property characterization, the facilities for nanomaterial fabrication and characterization,MBE growth sestems and a mini-device fabrication lab, the high performance computing system, and, as the institute’s novelty, internal friction measurement facilities.

Since the foundation, ISSP has won over 30 majior awards, including National Invention Award, National Natural Science Award, national Technology Progress Award. and Invention Award granted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui Natural Science Award and Anhui Technology Progress Award. It’s noteworthy that Prof. T. S. Kê had won the highest international award for Materials Technology-Victor K. LaMer Award, HE Liang-HE Li Award for Progress in Science & Technology and international Lifetime Achievement Award for internal his inavitive work in friction field.

At present, total number of staffs in the institute are 127, among them, 110 are research staffs including 22 research professors, 36 associate research professors and senior engineers. In addition, there are 106 students working toward their doctorate degrees, 112 to their master’s degrees and 8 post-doctorial fellows. Since 1982, the institue has trained more than 780 graduate students, including over 350 doctorates. Among the graduates, 6 won the Special Award granted by Presidential Scholarship of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 won the first class prize of Liu Yongling Scholarship, and more than 20 won Excellence Award granted by Presidential Scholarship of Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other kinds of scholarship.

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