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   Human Machine Interface is an important part of intelligent machine. Human interacts with the environments through machine by haptic technology, which makes full use of human intelligence and skill to enhance machines intelligence.
   Human-Machine-Interaction Lab.(HMILab.) focuses on novel user interface and interaction technology, which will make human interact with machine in more natural and efficient way. HMILab. is also to further develop the existing research on the basis of analysis and survey of the current techniques, to cooperate with intelligent machine(including robot and computer),especially considering human-in-the-loop. It will engender significant impacts on various aspects of human society by its advanced technology.
Director: Dr. Yu Yong
Prof. Yu Yong graduated in Automation and Mechanical System from Shouzhou University in 1982. He received his MSc in Application System Science and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Jindou University in 1991 and 1995. Currently, he is a Professor of the institute of intelligent machines, He is also a member editor of the International Journal of Information Acquisition. His research interest includes: Intelligent Robot Active Sensing, Multi-fingers hand controlling technology and Robot sensor technology.
Research Staff:
Dr. Yu Yong, Professor
Ge Yu, Chair Professor
Dr. Wu Zhongcheng ( 吴仲城 ), Associate Professor
Shen Fei, Associate Professor
Research Projects in Progress:
Intelligent Human Machine Interaction System (Supported by CAS), Yu Yong
Humanoid Robot Gait Kinematic Information Acquisition and Biomimetic Mechanism (Supported by NSFC), Shen Fei

Dressable Intelligent Robot Technology (Supported by NSFC), Yu Yong
Pen Computer interaction and Pen Computing (Supported by NSFC and CAS), Wu Zhongcheng
Networked Sensor Technology and Mobile Computing (Supported by NSFA), Wu Zhongcheng
Six-Axis Forces Information Acquisition (Supported by NSFC),Wu Zhongcheng


   12-Axis Force Sensor               F_Tablet                  Pen-computer-Interaction

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