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Thick-film Sensors
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Thick-film Sensors
 Thick-film Sensors Lab, as Thick-film Sensitive Material and New Thick-film Sensors Speciality of State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology, was founded to specialize thick-film pastes, sceen-printing, fire and detection, integration technology research based on multi intersectant subjects such as physics, micro-electronics, material science and solid chemistry with the purpose of thick-film sensitive material basic application and new sensors research.
  Thick-film Sensors Lab has undertaken National Natural Science Fundation Programs, National key projects and many other important programs of Anhui Province and or CAS thereby and enhanced instituional strength since it was founded 20 years ago. As an wider ken subject with long history, mutli awards, distinguishing speciality in our institute, the thick-film sensors lab is abundant in technique accumulation and makes prominent accomplishments in the thick-film stain sensitive sensors research at home.
Specialty of Thick-film Sensors Lab:
  Thick-film Sensors Lab
emphasizes the research on integration , intelligentization and micromation of transducer technology, espacially in thick-film technology potential specialty. It develops the foundational strategic predictive science research on thick-film biomimetic perception material, sensors and system integration technology.
•New thick-film biomimetic perception material manufacture, resistance electric conduction mechanism research and performance analysis
•Thick-film sensors and integration research for trace dangerous sample information acquisition

Fig1 thick-film tunnel sinter furnace      Fig2 semi-auto screen printer
Achievement and Awards:
  The thick-film technology has the merit of excessive products, convenient technology, lower cost, agility material intermingle design, thick-film integration technology compatibility and advantage, limit tolerances (high or low temperature endurance, corrosion resistance, high-power, anti-radialization).
•Key program of National Eighth Five-Year Plan: Thick-film integrate pressure sensor.
•Key program of National Eighth Five-Year Plan: Thick-film strain sensor.
•Project of State Key Laboratory of Transducer Technology: High performance thick-film strain sensitive sensors research
•Key program of National Nine Five-Year Plan: Thick-film strain sensitive sensors engineering research
•Key program of National Nine Five-Year Plan: Thick-film micro-pressure sensor research.
•Anhui Province 95' key program: Tower quantum thick-film strain sensor.
•Anhui Province 05' key program: Lower quantum thick-film intelligent sensor
•Anhui Province 05' key program: Thick-film ceramic strain sensor.


Fig3 thick-film integrate pressure sensor Fig4 thick-film micro-pressure sensor Fig5 thick-film strain sensor
•Scientific and technological improvement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991(3 rd -class), October 1991
•Anhui Invention Award (2 nd -class), July 1991
•3 rd -class prize for Excellent Papers in Anhui Province (1991-1993), June 1994
•2 nd -class prize for Excellent Papers in Anhui Province (1994-1996), June 1997
• Scientific and Technological Awards of National Mechanician Industry 95' key program
•Anhui Scientific and Technological Improvement Award(3 rd -class), March 2002
• Scientific and Technological Improvement of National Mechanician Industry in 2002(1 st -class), December 2002;
•Papers: more than 80;
•Patent: 4
Scientific Personnel:
  There are altogether 6 faculty members in the Thick-film Sensors Lab, including 1 researcher, 3 vice researchers, 2 researching assistants and technicians.
Present Projects:
• Nano thick-film strain sensitive sensors research, ( National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2004-2006)
• Thick-film ceramic strain sensors research, ( Anhui Province 05' key program , 2005-2006)
•Thick-film array sensors and integration research for coal mine methane detection

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