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Key Laboratory of Ion Beam Bioengineering


The laboratory was first founded in 1991 in the institute of plasma physics, Chinese Academy of sciences to conduct the experiments on the biological effects of low energy ion. In 2001 and 2002, the laboratory was further qualified as the Key Laboratory of Ion Beam Bioengineering both for Chinese Academy of Sciences and Anhui province. The Laboratory focuses on the basic and applied basic researches and include (1) The interaction of organisms with ion beam at molecular,  cellular and
individual level, including physical, chemical and biological processes; (2) Ion beam agricultural biotechnology: integrating ion beam mutagenesis, molecular biology and transgenic methods to create mutant library, selecting good crop varieties; (3) Ion Beam industrial biotechnology: using the ion beam to improve the mutation efficiency of industrial strains, building a high-throughput screening technology platform for the provision of high-tech manufacture of biological reserves; (4) Environmental Biotechnology: studying on low-dose exposure to environmental pollutants alone or in synergy on the health effects of environmental; (5) Water pollution control in Chaohu Lake and development of controlled fertilizer; (6) Facility development: developing sophisticated single beam facility by integrating technologies such as low-energy accelerator, beam transportation and focused beam collimator, particle detection and counting, cell image recognition and analysis, precise positioning, cell addressing technology, real-time analysis.

The laboratory has 25 staffs and has a first-degree doctoral program in Biophysics, and graduate programs in Biophysics and in Nuclear technology.

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