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Center of Intelligent Information Systems


he study of intelligent information systems is one of the innovative research directions of biomimetic sensing and intelligence discipline in institute of intelligent machines. Intelligent information systems center founded in 2003, facing national great strategic demand, focuses on the data acquisition and analysis ,intelligent computation ,innovative technologies in agricultural digitization and coal mine security especially. The research
branches include intelligent security early warning laboratory, intelligent decision and knowledge processing laboratory,application of agricultural information systems and intelligent calculating laboratory.

T There are about thirty researchers and more than 60 master and doctor degree candidates in the center. The center has undertaken more than sixty research projects in recent years, got more than five country and the provincial level rewards,and obtained more than forty invention patents and the software copyright registers.
Intelligent Computing laboratory The lab focuses mainly on intelligent computing theories and their applications such as pattern recognition, neural networks, machine learning, and agriculture bioinformatics, etc.. it is open to the outer world and recruits postdoctor fellows and welcomes senior visiting scholars. At present, it has set up four teams including Outer-Supervised Learning Neural Networks (OSLNN)), Unsupervised Learning Neural Networks (ULNN), Bioinformatics (BI) and Software Development of Intelligent System (SDIS),for the fundamental theory research and the development of practical products.

Intelligent decision and the knowledge processing laboratory The lab is aimed to meet the needs of agricultural macroscopic and microscopic decision through basic theories and new technology such as information obtaining, intelligence computation, data mining and so on.,to serve the China’s precision farming. The main
research contents include agricultural real-time information acquisition, agricultural information and knowledge resources sharing, agricultural product market information intelligence analysis and auto-adapted agricultural industrial structural configuration etc.

Application laboratory of agricultural information systems The main research orientations of this laboratory include four aspects, as follows: (1) Information processing platform and architecture. (2) agriculture producing intelligent decision-making and programming.(3) agriculture information access and processing terminal.(4) machine translation system of Chinese-nationality language. Since 1996,the lab has participated in the study and development of “Agriculture Expert System Development Platform” which is one of the major projects in the information technology field of the national 863 plan. The lab is also the main technical supporter of YunNan ,GanSu and inner Mongolia provincial Application Demonstration Zones of Intelligent Agriculture Information systems in the national 863 plan. It has taken on the research and development of Agricultural Expert System in Chinese Ethnic Regions ,a key project of Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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