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High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HMFL), Chinese Academy of Sciences, was founded on April 30th,2008. It is located in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province. HMFL was founded to provide first class steady high magnetic field facilities to researchers and to better develop high magnetic field science.

HMFL is committed to research in steady high magnetic fields. We focus on three missions:
1. Establish a wide range of user facilities and services for magnet-related research at the frontiers of science. These facilities are open to all qualified scientists and engineers.

2. Develop multidisciplinary researches, including physics, chemistry, biology, material.  

3. Advance magnet-related technology; stimulate invention and creation in the high magnetic fields.
In the most recent five years, we partnered with University of Science and Technology of China to establish the Steady High Magnetic Field Facility and an excellent research team. Steady High Magnetic Field Facility is the steady field part of the National Key Science and Technology Basic Establishment Project “high magnetic field facilities”. The facilities are funded by the National Development and Reform Commission.
Steady High Magnetic Field Facility’s objectives: build a 40T hybrid magnet, a series of high power resistive magnets for multiple uses and superconducting magnets. 20MW, high power and high stability power supply and 20MW de-ionized water cooling system will be built for the resistive magnets. The central control system will supervise magnet power and cooling. Scientific experimental measurement systems of many kinds will be provided to researchers.
The magnet parameters are shown in the table below.

Hybrid magnet


Resistive magnet


25T/φ50mm  (high homogeneity)


26T/φ32mm  (10MW)

Superconducting magnet

10T/φ100mm  (horizontal field split coil)

18T/φ52mm  (general purpose )

18.8T/φ54mm  ( NMR )

9.4T/φ310mm  ( MRI )

Research organization
Temporarily, HMFL has three divisions: engineering division, scientific research division and NMR division, furthermore, every division has several subdivisions, responsible for different research. The organization is just preliminary, it will be improved gradually.

In the fall of 2008, we have more than eighty employees and twenty students. Our faculty includes some famous experts such as Bing-Jun Gao, Yu-Heng Zhang, Zhao-Hui Ye, who have made great achievements in the high field magnet domain. Bing-Jun Gao has ever attended the establishment of a strong magnet in American National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. More and more researchers at home and abroad are gathering here. Excellent scientists and researchers are welcome to join us and do their scientific research here. Postgraduates who want to be educated here are also welcome.

If you are able to read Chinese, please visit the web: http://www.hmfl.ac.cn and we hope you can stay a while to get details about us.

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