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Biomimetic Sensing and Control Research



Biomimetics, the science of imitating nature, is a growing multidisciplinary field which is now leading to the fabrication of novel materials, devices and systems with remarkable properties. Biomimetic Sensing and Control Research Center was founded in 2005, aiming at bringing together some research groups of the institute to initiate interdisciplinary study in the fields of biomimetic sensing materials, biomimetic sensors, biomimetic robots, biomimetic information acquisition and network control, etc.

  The goal of the center is to harness features of animal sensing, actuation, manipulation, locomotion, mechanics, dynamics, and control strategies to radically improve sensors performances and robots capabilities. The center consists of 9 laboratories, i.e., Biomimetic Sensing Nano-material Laboratory, Biomimetic Nano-sensors Laboratory, Biomimetic Micro-sensors Laboratory, Thick-film Sensors Laboratory, Biomimetic Sensing System Laboratory, Biomimetic Vision System Laboratory, Biomimetic Micro/Nano-Robot Laboratory, Biomimetic Sensing Robot Laboratory, Human-Machine-Interface Laboratory.

Current research activities at these laboratories range from fundamental understanding of sensing principles to fabrication techniques to system integration, concentrating on developing novel sensing nano-materials, nano-sensors, micro-sensors, thick-film pressure sensors, multi-force sensors, manipulators, human-machine-interface, stereo vision and pattern recognition, virtual manufacture, wireless sensors network, robots, etc., which are financially supported by national and local research projects.



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